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David Humphrey: Hello
Hello, I used to be a member of your club from 1997 to 1999. I flew scale, my current flyer was a Balsa USA Sopwith Pup. I competed with the plane in the annual Reutlingen scale competition. I placed 16th out of 63 entries on behalf of our club. There was also another American who was part of the club at that time, I can not remember his name, but he flew the "Red Lion Racer" at the same competition. I am also the person who built the "Curtiss Jenny" that hangs inside the club house on the upper right as you walk into the building. I just found your web site and wanted to say Hello !!! I miss those days very much flying with MSC Rottingen e.V. Happy Flying !!!

02. 06. 2019
Peter Zeidler: Holzwurmtreffen 2018
Tolles Wetter, tolle Leute, schöne Flieger dazu noch Rundumversorgung! Fliegerherz was willst du mehr! Herzlicher Dank an alle vom Vorstand bis zum Platzwart.

10. 09. 2018
MSC: Holzwurmtreffen
Termin festhalten Holzwurmtreffen vom 08.09.2018 bis 09.09.2018

20. 03. 2018
Walter: Toller neuer Internetauftritt
Hallo, wirklich ein toller neuer Internetauftritt.

22. 10. 2017
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